Artist's Sculpture Statement

Oftentimes, my mirror image reminds me of a clown juggling three different hats. The first hat identifies me as a visual artist; the second, as a performing artist (past and present); and the third, as a literary artist, although that’s the least of the three. The past part of the performing arts has to do with the fact that I played offensive guard for the Steelers in the middle to late sixties. Certain quarterbacks I attempted to protect for might have valid reasons to dispute my using the word "performance" as to my blocking efficiency, but you can’t please everyone all the time, now can you.

And the present aspect of the performing artist has to do with a youth activity I recently developed involving the movement of participants through a graphic course with accompanying religious commentary I coined, The Religious Relay." This gig can be coupled with a following storytelling episode of a selected anecdote from my book entitled, Unscripted and Unsung, with a religious follow-up commentary, corresponding painting, and a questions and answer session, with/without autographs following.                                                                                                                                               

            Sculpture out of glass block started to evolve for me in the 1980s after rescuing some vintage blocks from my parents’ motel before it was razed for development. Glass block is extremely durable, and is sophisticated enough to be exhibited indoors as well as out. As freestanding sculpture, it heightens and compliments other glass block, which might already be integrated into the architecture. Its light-defusing qualities allow artificial light to be captured and transmitted from the piece itself instead of merely reflecting light. They can be illuminated with fluorescent, neon, or projection lighting.

There are a limited number of shapes available to work with in glass block; however, this apparent limitation adds a whimsical nature to the pieces. The viewer, at times, must become interactive and connect the dots, so to speak, in order to make the reality connection. These sculptures can enliven a commercial façade, add pizzazz to an entranceway, give positive ambiance to any room, or be that extra special something (conversation piece) you were looking for to go alongside your pool or in your garden.

Many sculptures can also function as tables by incorporating an appreciable amount of flat area of glass block into their configurations. For example, just recently, I completed an esthetic but functional commissioned centerpiece for the University of Tampa Food Service that mirrored their old Moorish architecture of the curved domed rotunda, spire, and balancing moon, done all out of glass block and illuminated with revolving multi-colored lights. This sculpture, which was also designed to be transportable, was received so enthusiastically that they are requesting another one, more grandiose, but to be permanently placed.

I have the means and the knowledge to depict beforehand exactly what the sculptures would look like placed into your particular environment, be it residential or commercial. Some of the sculptures are also available for exhibition purposes on a temporary basis for special events. In that regard, I could, if desired, avail myself to interact with your clientele while the piece(s) are on display.

In several major Florida sidewalk art festivals where I have introduced the sculptures, young and old alike were fascinated with their appeal. Apparently, so were the judges, since I have received awards and prize money for their artist merit.

For more detailed information contact me in Tampa at 813-237-1624, or email me at